Title Description
Pilot:Liars Unite After two years of not seeing each other, the liars finally meet and unite against -A, who shows again. 101
I'm Still Your Puppet Since Emily stayed near her dad, A blackmails her to come to Rosewood and she meets the liars too. The A tortures continue and a big surprise comes to Rosewood from London - Melissa! 102
TWINning Is Everything After Emily and Alison found Jason's unconscious body, they call their friends to decide what to do. At the end of the episode someone comes back from the dead. Or was he never dead? 103
Long Time Ago... Ian's storyline, possibly flashbacks, Radley appearance, Veronica talks to a black-hooded figure. 104
Summer Adventures A party at Spencer's barn. 105
Masquerade Masquerade, the liars try to find Alison on the masquerade. 106
Welcome to the Labyrinth TBA 107
A is for Agony TBA 108
If She Could Only Talk To Me TBA- a big surprise, break-up 109
A Big ReveAl TBA- A's reveal, possibly hospital appearance 110